Construction, Christmas and Cocktails

Oh my gosh! Have y’all been on State Street lately?   it’s a little intimidating right in front of us. Sometimes progress is hard. But it’s neccesary. Our Boise is growing so quickly. Expansion on State street is needed and although it hurts-we get it. So we said goodbye to some 100 year old trees , We are facing a sea of orange cones EVERYWHERE (and are literally hearing back up beepers in our sleep). We have adjusted to the new reality of SEVEN lanes of traffic in front of us (gulp) and we are 100% focused on being positive and welcoming change. We have been working on multiple marketing plans to keep customers coming-even when it gets really hard to deal with construction- and plans to not only survive-but thrive-during the chaos. 

The most important component of this plan? Well it’s YOU!  And to keep you involved we’ve done a few things. We have a dedicated page on our website to give you the most up to the minute info on traffic patterns-and the easiest route to our shop. We will be posting info on social media to make sure you know exactly how to get here.  (Thank you ACHD for the fantastic communication). 

We will do some shameless self promotion to stay on your radar! And most important of all-we will work harder than ever to stock our shop with the best inventory in town.  

We are asking that you just hang in there-and support us. The best part of working this little business is our customers. You make it worthwhile (and keep us going-in more ways than one).  

Sooooo this Saturday, Nov. 10th is our 12th annual Holiday event. For perspective, our kiddos were ages 4-8 when we started. They are now 16-20. Unbelievable. They’ve grown up at our shop-and grown up with many of you. This event always signaled the beginning of the Christmas season for them. They’ve hung garlands, raked leaves, hauled furniture, helped customers and so much more. As we plan and work each holiday event we lose another kid to college and career and get a not so subtle reminder of how much time has passed. Christmas. 12 years. Crazy.

Saturday, November 10th is our 12th annual holiday party. We’d so love to see you there. Let’s celebrate this little business we love with a few other great small businesses. We are blessed to have Dapper and Dame and Unique Twist Jewelry as guest vendors this weekend. Our delightful neighbor Spa Estetica will be offering free chair massages and treats and beverages to guests AND we have a joint raffle where you can win a grand prize of $100 from BOTH businesses plus tons of other prizes (so many chances to win)!

Extra parking is generously provided by our friends at ACHD (Saturday only) at the old medical center next door.  

The property is New England Fall beautiful with red and gold leaves and an acre of gorgeousness.  Vendors have stocked spaces with all kinds of new merchandise. Treats and beverages, gifts with purchase, community, and .....cocktails .... cuz that’s how we roll.  

Please join us. Saturday, Nov. 10th 11-5.  

And we would love to hear your  tips for keeping a positive outlook in overwhelming situations!   What do you do to keep thinking positive and moving forward?