Never fear lovelies! We will have the most up to date info right here to help make your venture easier. They are working hard to make State Street better but along with growth come some growing pains.

Nov. 2018-Dec. 2018: State St will be reduced to TWO lanes(one westbound, one eastbound) on the SOUTH side (the side opposite us).

If you are coming from the EAST (downtown Boise): take State St to our destination as usual. Turn right into the parking lot. LOOK FOR THE 15’ TALL BRIGHT GREEN “ENTRANCE FLAG”. We are the second and third driveways past Collister.

From the WEST (Eagle): you will still be able to turn left- across traffic- into our parking lot.

The ACHD folks are doing their very best to communicate up to the minute info and we will do our best to post it here and on social media. We know its a bit challenging but remember- we need you to keep coming in so we will still be here and better than ever in a year!

Enchanting Objects Phase 1 Map IMAGE FINAL.png