Our personal New Years or..... WTH 2017???

So to say 2017 was an unusually challenging year would be an understatement! We started out in January with the epic snowfall making it a bit "challenging" for our business. (we were open 12 days that month).  Meanwhile, Lori was feeling poorly and visiting her doctor. We were stunned to find out she had Stage 1, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Scary stuff. We all rallied in support, got shifts covered, tried to make life easier and PRAYED a lot.  After many tests and consultations she began eight weeks of chemotherapy in late Spring (and folks she was a trooper- we've been friends for almost two decades and business partners for nearly 15 years.  I've NEVER admired her more- and there is a lot about her to admire.  She handled the whole event with grace and dignity and I'm so proud of her and just so in awe) . It was a nail biting few months but we got news in late June that she was officially in remission but would need to retest every six months or so probably for life.  Obviously we are so grateful and thankful it wasn't worse but what a ride! 

We just about got our feet back under us when a truly devastating thing occurred in July. Our long term employee- sweet little Brandon- committed suicide.  It was a shocker and sent us reeling.  As mothers we had a really hard time wrapping our minds around his devastating decision.  He has a large and loving family and their pain was a very difficult thing to watch. And for us, we saw him in everything at the store.  The display he built, the note he left, the sign he made. There were a lot of tears shed and we still have moments.  He was a sweet, gentle soul who will be missed always.

Last but not least, in a four week period this Fall, both Lori and I lost our beautiful and very loved rescue dogs, Maggie and Mac. Both were far to young to pass on and it was very difficult to say goodbye. 

And this, my friends is when we said "ENOUGH"!   2017 needs to step OFF!  It's time for some cheer, and good karma and JOY to be going on around here.  And so:

1) We donated to a cause in Brandon's name which we prefer to keep quiet about.

2) We designed a special candle in honor of our rescue dogs and 25% of sales will be donated to Meridian Canine Rescue to help dogs like ours find their forever homes.

3) We are going to have a PARTY ..... well maybe a month of parties...... And consider it our own personal new years. Lets celebrate all the great things in life.  Like our personal passion.... this little shop we've built.  Our families and friends who've supported our vision even when its been tough.  Our absolutely AMAZING customers (that would be YOU) who make us smile every day. Let's have a cocktail or some cider, a slice of pie or a treat.  Let's put on our party shoes and enjoy all the pretty holiday baubles we ordered last April (we will be as surprised as you are to see it all. We've already forgotten about half of what we ordered!). Lets raise some money for a great cause.  Let's have some freaking FUN!  And in our minds we will be starting 2018 a tad bit early- come join us.  We officially declare November and December the months of new beginnings. January will just have to take a back seat! So come see us. And in particular visit: Thanksgiving weekend..... Zen Friday (we have wine! And snacks! And a mellow, wander around atmosphere) just come and......... be. Small business Saturday, more of the same plus some surprises. And Saturday, December 9th. It’s take 20% off any one item day. And we will have......, wait for it....... wine...... and snacks ...... 🤣🤣🤣. Join us. Let’s start New Years right here and right now!!!!!! 



The blink of an eye

11 years. Do you remember where you were and what you were doing a decade ago? We do. We were raising babies. Between us, five kids age eight and under. Our two youngest were just starting pre-school and kindergarten the day we opened the shop.  When we really first started? (Out of our garages-selling at Saturday markets and pop up sales)  Lesli’s youngest was one and Lori’s two. Crazy, overwhelming, exhausting but rewarding times. And we never-ever, ever, ever-imagined we’d have this business that we love over 10 years after it began.  Who knew when we were scrambling to cover after school care, make dentist and doctor appointments, never miss a teacher conference, rugby game or Opera Idaho practice AND keep our doors open we’d be standing here 11 years of business behind us. We certainly didn’t know when the recession hit and stores like ours were dropping around us. When a $100 sales day, being able to make rent and expenses and NOT drawing a paycheck was OK. We were just happy to be living our dream and doing what we loved and still being there for our families. (Thank God we have gainfully employed and incredibly supportive husbands).  

Owning a small retail business is hard. You don’t get rich doing this. Many times you work a more than full time job and do not get a paycheck. If you’re lucky-like we are-you get to explore your passion and bring enough home to pay for the extras-ballet lessons, sports fees, school trips-every penny counts. And we have been lucky. You guys have embraced us and supported us and been there through it all.  

In our 11 years in business we have watched our (individual) parents age and decline. Lesli has buried both her parents. Lori has moved hers here and taken on the extra commitments that requires. We’ve had employees who took advantage of us, employees who didn’t show up. We’ve had rumors started by folks who saw us as competition ( did y’all ever hear the one where we are a front for a drug ring?🤣🤣🤣).  We’ve been broken into, had property damage, and had money taken. We’ve had customers upset because we have occasionally opened Sundays and customers upset because they think we should be open on everyday including Sunday! But more importantly? We HAVE many more customers who have become our friends. Customers who have been on this journey with us from day one. Who have laughed, cried, hugged and supported us. We have customers who clearly love shopping with us and that makes ALL of it worthwhile.  It’s more than just a business to us . It’s our dream and our passion and we thank all of you for coming along on the ride. Our 11th annual holiday party is Nov. 11th. Please come see us and celebrate with us. We want to hear your first memory of our store  and what you think of our evolution. We want to share a glass of wine or tea and connect. And thank you.  You are why we are still here. And why we continue. You are why we have been able to live our dream even when it was really hard to remember what it was and what it could be. You made this possible ❤️. This blogging thing is a new adventure but we hope you’ll join us as we continue on our journey. Thanks to all of you for riding along with us. 

Limoncello and Swedish style

Sooooo the Roses and Rust show was a ball! If you missed it mark your calendars for Sept. 27th.....Idaho Expo..... Be there. The trailers were adorable, the booths were beautiful and....we.. We were there.... What more do you need?  

We are also very excited about this weekends shop hop. 10 stores are participating, lots of deals and fun to be had. We had a huge discussion about what displays to create (we have been on a Swedish style kick) and more important.... What signature cocktail to serve! Lori came up with a Limoncello Champagne cocktail that sounds divine (Lesli pinned it one night when she was all about what the heck to do with a bottle of Limoncello she had in freezer).  Lori made a pitcher of these and gave them a huge thumbs up so........ Come see what's new, bring friends, try a cocktail and let's have some fun. We are ready for the 4th of July with our Swedish dining set...... And dresser ..... And Italian themed beverage. Xxxooo can't wait to see you. This Friday and Saturday, 10-6. 


Gorgeous dining set, 2 leaves, 6 chairs...... $425! 


Happy 4th


That pig...... Cute or creepy? 


Studio light..... Beyond cool 

A new beginning

Welcome all! We are so excited about our new website and online store. It has been on our minds for such a long time but always seemed to get pushed to the backburner.  We love the new more elegant look and the opportunity to blog and share our thoughts and projects with you.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  Hope your day is truly enchanting! xxoo